Recombination in dihybrid crosses

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- Recombination in dihybrid crosses

You have screened for several new recessive mutations in a species of wasp.


  • Wasps homozygous for apricot (aa) have pale orange eyes. (Wild-type eyes are brown.)
  • Wasps homozygous for blunt (bb) have short wings. (Wild-type wings are long.)
You make a pure-breeding double-mutant (apricot, blunt) line and cross it with wild-type wasps. The F1 is wild-type in appearance.


You testcross the F1 dihybrids with the double-mutant line (the “tester” genotype) and obtain four phenotypes in the F2:


  • wild type
  • apricot, blunt
  • apricot
  • blunt


Determine the following for each F2 phenotype:


  • the haploid genotype of the gamete it received from the F1 dihybrid
  • its full diploid genotype
  • whether the gamete it received from the F1 dihybrid was recombinant (REC) or nonrecombinant (nonREC).




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