You want to develop a line of sunflowers that stand exactly 4 feet tall so they can block an unsightly fence in your yard. In doing so, you isolate two pure-breeding lines. One has a genotype A1A1B1B1C1C1 and is 6 ft tall, whereas the other has the genotype A2A2B2B2C2C2 and is only 3 ft tall. If you cross the two parental lines, what is the expected height of the plants in the F1 generation, assuming the genes are additive?

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5 ft


5.5 ft


4.5 ft


4 ft


asked Jun 24, 2013 in Genetics by GeneX ~Top Expert~ (7,947 points)

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4.5 ft

answered Jun 24, 2013 by GeneX ~Top Expert~ (7,947 points)

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