In Drosophila, eye color is related to two genes and each gene has two alleles, one for a functional protein and one for a nonfunctional protein. Both genes must have at least one dominant allele to make a functional red pigment; otherwise, the eyes will be white. If a fly is homozygous for either recessive allele (a or b), it will have white eyes. A geneticist has two pure-breeding strains of white-eyed Drosophila. If a complementation test reveals that the strains complement, which result would you expect?

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Parental genotypes were aab+b+ and aabb


Parental genotypes were aab+b+ and a+a+bb


Parental genotypes were aabb and a+a+b+b+


Parental genotypes were a+ab+b and a+ab+b


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Parental genotypes were aab+b+ and a+a+bb

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