Asian paper giant to halt deforestation issues by crown management jakarta capital

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It is just time for Asia Pulp and Paper Group to stop all natural forest clearing in Indonesia. Well, it isn’t too late yet but late enough because they already cleared nearly 5 million acres of tropical forest in Sumatra, Indonesia since 1994 and about 445,000 acres of carbon-rich peat swamp between 2003 and 2009, including tiger and orangutan habitats. They already made a lot of destructions, we cannot go back in time but we can still do something about it. We can help restoring the forests. What other ways can we do to help forest restorations?
asked Feb 25, 2013 in Geography by cloudeprice (46 points)

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recylcle, plant more trees and make support groups. Join Disney Channel friends for change.
answered Feb 26, 2013 by iPost ~Expert~ (1,508 points)
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Reuse and recycle papers, these are the best little ways ordinary people like us could do to help.  Simple and easy
answered Feb 27, 2013 by Kyzardskipper (65 points)

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