The cross of a purple, hairy, cut plant heterozygous at each gene to a green, hairless, potato plant produces the following progeny: Phenotype Frequency ( %) Purple, hairy, cut 21 Purple, hairy, potato 21 Green, hairless, cut 21 Green, hairless, potato 21 Purple, hairless, cut 4 Purple, hairless, potato 4 Green, hairy, cut 4 Green, hairy, potato 4 = 100. In tomato plants, purple leaf color is controlled by a dominant allele A, and green leaf by a recessive allele a. At another locus, hairy leaf H is dominant to hairless leaf h. The genes for leaf color and leaf texture are separated by 16 on chromosome 5. On chromosome 4, a gene controlling leaf shape has two alleles: a dominant allele C that produces cut-leaf shape and a recessive allele c that produces potato-shaped leaf.

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Give the genotypes of parental plants in this experiment.
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