A ball of mass 0.198 kg with a velocity of 1.40 m/s meets a ball of mass 0.304 kg with a velocity of -0.404 m/s in a head-on, elastic collision.

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A ball of mass 0.198 kg with a velocity of 1.40 ihatbold m/s meets a ball of mass 0.304 kg with a velocity of -0.404 ihatbold m/s in a head-on, elastic collision.


(a) Find their velocities after the collision.

varrowbold1f =  mark m/s
varrowbold2f =  m/s


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m1 = 0.198kg, m2 = 0.304kg, v1i=1.40 m/s, v2i=-0.404 m/s

v1f=? v2f=?

So according to conservation of momentum final momentum equals initial momentum so:

m1*v1i+m2*v2i = m1*v1f+m2*v2f

when you plug in variables you'll be left with 2 unknowns, therefore you  need one more equation to solve.

Since the collision is ellastic, use this formula:

(v1i-v2i) = v2f-v1f

solve for one variable and plug back into the other equation and solve.

then plug back into the equation to get the second variable.
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