The steps listed below are important for Na+ and Cl¯ secretion by the shark rectal gland as well as by the salt gland of certain birds and reptiles and the chloride cells of marine fish. What is the correct sequence of steps for salt secretion?

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A. Cl¯ moves down its concentration gradient through apical Cl¯ channels. 
B. Na+/K+-ATPase pumps Na+ out of lumen cells. 
C. Na+ diffuses out between lumen cells. 
D. Cl¯ and K+ enter lumen cells via Na+ cotransport mechanism.




B, D, A, C


B, C, A, D


B, A, D, C


D, B, A, C


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B, D, A, C
answered Dec 31, 2012 by CaptainTeemo ~Expert~ (631 points)

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