Match these twentieth-century aesthetic movements with their definitions.

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In music, a style in which a brief musical idea or group of ideas is repeated and varied incrementally over a long span of time, with a relatively slow rate of change. This style is related to abstract visual art.


A style of composition prominent after World War I. While distinctly modern, it also drew on melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, and formal, conventions associated with eighteenth-century music.


An artistic movement that flourished in painting, music, and literature in the early decades of the twentieth century. In this style, psychological truth takes precedence over beauty, and inner emotion takes precedence over any sense of external reality.


A style in visual art focused more on sensations and perceptions than the direct representation of objects. In music, the term was in the early 1900s to describe harmonies, melodies, and forms that were considered indistinct.


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Expressionism   C.

Impressionism   D.

Neoclassicism   B.

Minimalism        A.

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