What does e to the power of -1 look like

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What does e to a negative power look like?

if e^0 = 1 what's e^-1 and how is this expressed

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Below is a general shape of e^-x and also e^x side by side for comparison: 

as you can see they are just flipped versions of one another as one would expect.


Now, to answer the question why is e^0= 1? Well that is because  any number raised to the power of 0 will equal one:

ie.  x^0 = 1 (where x is any number)

e is just another constant in mathematics, such as pi.

e =  approximately 2.71828 

therefore, e^-1 = 2.71828^-1  = 0.3678, which is just a single point or dot.

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