A person walks back and forth along a straight line. First she walks slowly 6m to the right, then quickly 3m to the left, then strolls 2m to the right, and finishes with a “Curly Shuffle” 1m to the left. Calling “to the right” positive, her displacement for the entire trip is

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1. +12m
2. -12m
3. +4m
4 -4m
asked Dec 10, 2012 in Physics by PureLife ~Expert~ (413 points)

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She first walks 6m to the right so you have:   +6m

Then she walks 3m to the left, so subtract 3m:  +6m - 3m = +3m

Then another 2m to the right:  +3m + 2m = +5m

Then 1m to left:  +5m - 1m = +4m

Therfore choice 3 is correct
answered Dec 10, 2012 by Ytwsa ~Expert~ (1,092 points)
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