algebra help please. been on this question for a while now.

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you have 1200 feet of fencing and you want to make two fenced in eclosures by splitting one eclosure in half. what are the largest dimensions of this eclosure that you could build? enter your dimensions in order from least to greatest. type the numeric answer only
asked Jan 8, 2012 in Algebra by Jordant94 (39 points)

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Just to clarify, you are calculating the dimensions for something like a rectange that is divided in the middle? like 2 boxes that share the middle line?
answered Jan 8, 2012 by kirby ~Expert~ (3,020 points)
uhh i dont know. thats all the question says. im confused on it.
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Are you trying the find the largest area possible for this question?
answered Jan 8, 2012 by pokemonmaster ~Expert~ (3,856 points)
the answers are going to be (blank)ft X (blank)ft
okay one sec, this question is little more difficult, i'll try my best and explain.
okay. thank you
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Sorry for the first answer, i was attempting to solve using calculus, heres an another method:


3x = 1200 - 3x

6x = 1200

x = 200

1200 - 3(200) = 2L

600 = 2L

L = 300

300 ft x 200 ft
answered Jan 8, 2012 by pokemonmaster ~Expert~ (3,856 points)
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Just out of curiousity, what class is this for? B/c there is an easier way to solve using calculus if thats an option.
im done with this question. thanks for all your help though. i really appreciate it
np, hope i didn't confuse you too much.