In a diploid species of plant, the genes for plant height and fruit shape are syntenic and separated by 18 m.u. Allele D produces tall plants and is dominant to d for short plants, and allele R produces round fruit and is dominant to r for oval fruit.

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Part A

A plant with the genotype DR/dr produces gametes. Identify gamete genotypes, label parental and recombinant gametes, and give the frequency of each gamete genotype.



Part B

Give the same information for a plant with the genotype Dr/dR


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1 Answer

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Part A:

Parental: 41% DR, 41% dr; recombinant: 9%Dr, 9% dR


Part B:

Parental: 41% Dr, 41% dR; recombinant: 9% DR, 9% dr

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